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Pineapple Week

Pineapples are one of the primary fruit staples of summer and a summer trend that isn’t going to go away any time soon. If you’re looking to add some more summer into your life, then get one of these adorable tropical pineapple gifts. These tropical pineapple gifts are a must-have if you can’t get enough tropic vibes and want to be transported to an exotic island filled with piña coladas and Dole Whips. Check out our unique tropical pineapple gifts that will give you all the carefree, summer vibes.

Pineapple Magnet w/ Air Plant (set of 3)

Ever looked at an air plant and thought they resemble tiny pineapple tops? Us too! Each one of these pineapple magnets comes with an air plant and is the perfect imitation of a mini pineapple. Display your kid’s artwork or hang up important reminders at the office with tropical flair.

Wooden Journal

Schedule some down time on your next vacation to gather and jot down your thoughts and special memories on this unique wooden Pineapple journal. This eye-catching engraved wooden journal is one of the most useful tropical pineapple gifts on our list that every writer and artist will want!

Wall Clock - Pineapple Top

Aloha! This fun wall clock isn’t just a pretty pineapple face – it has precision quartz movement to keep everything running on time. A choice of frames gives you a custom look that best matches your decor.

Gold Trim Dish

What’s a better plate to eat your pineapple fruit salad off of than a gold trimmed pineapple dish? If you’re known for liking the finer things in life, than you need this playful and elegant piece. Create a full on tropic spread and mix and match small and large pineapple plates with flamingo dishes, watermelon dishes and more!

Pineapple Tumbler

Invite others into your home and immediately hand them this beautiful two-piece pineapple tumbler filled with your favorite tropic drink. This tumblr is a unique serving goblet for well-crafted cocktails. Sip any one of these tasty summer drinks out of this gorgeous cup and unleash your summer diva.

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