Space Collection

Space is unfathomable, fascinating and a natural wonder that reminds us there’s a presence so much bigger than ourselves and anything we know. This week we’re transporting you out of this world with Space Collection. Buy any one of these cool space products as a unique space gift for yourself or a friend.

Moon Light

Know someone who wishes they walk on the moon? Or maybe they just like pretty, unique and one-of-a-kind things? Make all their space dreams come true with this dreamy Moon Light. This photo realistic Moon Light Lamp is a mini replica of the bright orb in the night sky, and is the modern day lava lamp.

Solar System Bracelet

Give your favorite person the universe with this Solar System Bracelet. It’s a thoughtful and pretty space gift that will remind the gift receiver of you every time they see it. Each delicate bracelet is handmade, and you can buy a bracelet that holds the whole galaxy or a single dainty planet. It’s the perfect BFF bracelet and gift for a significant other that loves space.

Know Your Stars Light Cube

Go stargazing right inside your home with this Starts Light Cube. This lamp sits on your night table or desk. Turn it on to see maps of different constellations that people gazed at since the beginning of time. It’s a great space gift for the amateur astronomer!

Gravity Wall Clock

Got time for an epic space odyssey? Inspired by the science fiction film Gravity, this wall clock will remind you of the mysteries and dangerous adventures that space holds. This clock would look great in a dorm room, man cave or at home workspace.

3D Moon Or Earth Area Rug

Prepare for a soft landing on this fun moon rug! It is a quirky space gift that gives a cosmic cozy touch to your home and will add some extra flair to your room, bathroom, kitchen or doorstep! It makes the cutest back drop for animal photo shoots and is bound to get you some Instalove!

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