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Skeleton Model 3D Puzzle

Resin Skeleton Doll with LED Eyes

$65.07 $81.34 20%

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Autumn M.Jan 11 2020, 4:55 pm

My boyfriend bought this for me for Christmas because he knows that I have wanted it for a very long time. I didn't want to buy it for myself because it was 53.99, and just before Black Friday they raised the price to $57.23. It just seemed like a lot to pay for something that was essentially a toy for myself, especially after they raised the price. Now, I wasn't sure what to expect - a puzzle or model kit because it is called a model 3d puzzle. This is definitely a model kit. I work with kids and I don't see this as something that would be enjoyable to complete with them. You will need a durable needle nose plyers or something that can cut through fairly thick plastic, a metal file and some fine sandpaper, a small drill (comes with two bits, but no tool to use with it), and a hair dryer. Unless they are already into model kits or you are introducing them to model kits, I would say that you are probably going to be doing a lot of the work yourself. There are seven pages of instructions. The English is a little bit rough, so I would read through once before assembling to make sure you really understand each step. The pictures are VERY helpful. The prep work is really important, and I actually set up all the parts and labeled them with tape to make it easier. Assembling the tiny joints really helped as well (plus it's nice to know that you have all the parts before you start). This could easily take the better part of a day on the weekend or two or three evenings. Some parts are more durable than others (ex: ribs are a bit more delicate). I think this ad is a bit misleading. If you have never put together a 3d model, it's actually kind of difficult to soften the wrist and hand joint just right so that you are able to switch out hands. Be prepared to stick with one set of hands if you are a beginner. Also, if you are able to do this, it's best to make the hand joint connection switchable so that you don't wear out the wrist joint. Once he is together, he is awesome. It comes with a display stand, but it's kind of cheap and hard to get between the ribs. He stands on his own. I think the accessories that come with 3.75" toys would work quite well with him for photography purposes. I would love to get my hands on the additional faces because they can be swapped quite easily. Likewise, you can paint the inside of his head grey to accent his sunken eyes and color the eyes blue to go with the color of the LED lights. He really is very poseable and fun!

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