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Pet Trolley Case

Perfect for long trips and spontaneous adventures

$237.94 $333.12 29%

Customer Reviews

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SashaMar 2 2022, 4:23 pm

I first saw these advertised on Instagram of how rich people travel with their cat. I have an indoor cat who always wants out but we live downtown. I had to have one. The size is good but if you have a HUGE cat, they may not fit comfortably. When you unzip the case it opens like a sandwich and flops over front and back with no holding balance so you have to strategically keep your cat in quick and close it up. Also make sure it doesn’t fall over and get scraped up. It has plenty of vent holes. I do live in so cal by the sea and the sun heats up. After less than 10 minutes outside on a cool regular day, I stuck my fingers in to check the internal air and it was hot and moist. My cat was pawing trying to get out just to breathe and started flipping out shoving her face thru the holes. I ordered a separate clip on fan for the case to keep the airflow moving in. Otherwise, this is dangerous and animals will suffocate if owners don’t watch out constantly. For the price, it’s very loud to roll esp across regular cracks in the cement sidewalk. The wheels and handle bar have similar quality to something $20 from Walmart. It gets stuck opening and closing after 2 uses. There’s no shock absorbency so every little bump flings around my cat, even a tiny twig. I’m still happy I purchased it bec my cat has meowed to go back in it so she can go outside. There’s definitely some upgrades it needs though, especially for the price. I probably wouldn’t pay more than $80 for it, even if money was free. Also wanted to add, it comes with a tiny pillow for the bottom to sit on and a huge watermelon sticker that covers the whole side of the case, I’m guessing for shade. Had I have seen the huge watermelon look, I’d have passed. I didn’t stick it on

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Genice P.Dec 9 2021, 11:55 am

I am extremely happy with the Pet Trolly. It has a great modern look and my Maine Coon cat who is very large fits in it just fine. I love that he can see out from all sides. Also very happy with the costumer service I received from Apollo Box!

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