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Pressed Four Leaf Necklace

For Faith, Hope, Love and Luck



Nature’s good luck charm. Presented in an antique bronze pendant and sealed in resin, the vibrant green 4 leaf clover represents faith, hope, love and luck.

  • Pendants are resin and copper with an antique bronze finish
  • 19 inch waxed cord included
  • Available in embellished oval, square or round pendant styles
  • Stylish Good Luck gift for any occasion


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Apollo Box

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Product Details


4 Leaf Clover, Resin, Copper

Style 1 Size

0.9 x 0.9 inches

Style 2 Size

1.2 x 1.4 inches

Style 3 Size

1.1 x 1.4 inches

Style 4 Size

1.1 inches Diameter

Style 5 Size

1.0 x 1.3 inches



Customer Reviews


Jessica B.Jul 20 2018, 9:11 pm

Picture does not do justice! It's beautiful and gets commented on a lot. Fast shipping! Super happy customer!


Linda B.Jul 6 2018, 2:13 pm

This is lovely and has sentimental value to me as my mother, grandmother, and I always had the natural talent to just look down and find a four leaf clover. Memories each time I wear it!


Serina S.Jun 5 2018, 11:04 am

I was really skeptical about this purchase since all the reviews here are either five star unconditional praise or one star insistence of being ripped off. I took a risk and bought one, and now I'm here to offer a more in-depth review of my purchase. The package arrived very timely. The order was placed on March 31 and estimated to arrive between June 7 and June 12 - I got it on June 4, much earlier than expected. So late or lost order was no problem here, and those who have to deal with such issues may be dealing more with unreliable mail carriers or unreliable individual employees at Apollo, rather than Apollo in general being unreliable. So delivery, spot on. Many of the complaints here were about the strap being too easily broken. I ordered Style 2 so I can't speak for those with the leather string, but I can at least see where people were coming from with the chain. Mine hasn't broken, but I can tell it is very delicate. It is not however, in my estimation, so delicate as to be a knock against the product. As long as someone is only going about their day to day the chain should be fine, I can only imagine that it would break if being roughly handled, which is not uncommon with nicer jewelry. As such, I would recommend that people simply treat this necklace carefully, don't yank it on and off or try to do sports while wearing it. I would also recommend not gifting it to younger children, though 12 and up should be fine if they're the responsible type. Even if it does break though, the loop around the amulet itself is wide enough that it could easily be replaced. And finally, the part that most concerns everyone, the clover itself. Is it real? After inspecting it closely in proper lighting at various angles, yes, I am convinced there is indeed a real plant inside there. I'll admit that when I first saw it I thought it was fake because of how flat and uniformly colored it looked, but I think now that that is simply the result of it being freshly pressed. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the leaves had some slight splotches and discoloration common in plant skin, and one of the leaves was slightly chipped in a way that, once again, was common of plants. I also see no signs of it being cardboard as others have claimed, such as a fuzzy texture, thickness, clean shape, or overly uniform color. So if your top concern is making sure you're getting a real plant, you're good to go. However... You will notice that the particular clover they've used has rounded leaves as opposed to the heart shaped ones typically used in four leaf clover iconography. This is because it comes from a species where four leaves are much more common than the species typically talked about when referring to so-called "four leaf clovers." How this effects your purchase really depends on how you see the superstition. Some people believe that it only counts if the clover is of the heart-shaped variety, whereas others will argue that it doesn't matter, a clover with four leaves is a clover with four leaves. There isn't really any "true" or "original" version of the myth that we can pretend definitively says otherwise, like most folk legends, it really depends on what you grew up being told (some versions say the clover can't even be lucky to anyone except the person who actually found and picked it in the first place, so there's that.) As a skeptic, I'm inclined to side with the notion that getting hung up on the leaf shape of supposedly magical plants isn't the best use of our concern. I do not find this fact to be in any way deceptive on the part of Apollo Box, it makes perfect sense that they would use a species easier to cultivate for the purpose of mass sale. All in all, I'm happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone who is actually careful with their jewelry and not too picky in their superstition. It's a lovely, whimsical piece that is sure to make someone smile.

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