DIY kits

Let’s get crafty and have some fun with DIY projects. With our variety of DIY kits, you can find the perfect gift for everyone in your life and for yourself too! From the beauty lover to the home decor expert to little kids, we have DIY gifts to keep busy all year long.

Home Decor DIY Kits

If your head is always in the clouds, this DIY cloud lamp kit is for you. Create a fluffy cloud, add some lights and raindrops and poof you have a cloud lamp. Now you can live in the clouds. Don’t just get one, make a sky illusion in your house with more. Invite your friends over for a cloud making party.

Prefer to stay on the ground like plants? We got you covered, the DIY botanical painting will show off your hidden art skills. This paint by numbers DIY gift is easy for any beginning artist. Follow the numbers for help, or find your inner Picasso and create a masterpiece.

Beauty DIY Kits

Make your own bath soap with the DIY oatmeal soap making kit. You can make up to 16 soap bars to share with family and friends. DIY soap is a great gift for the natural beauty guru in your life. Go out and have some good clean fun.

Imagine having your own nail polish? Give it a unique name, mix any colors you want and it’s yours to use whenever you please. With the Mixify DIY nail polish kit you can make your own nail polish and become the next OPI. Young girls would love this DIY gift for a sleepover party.

Terrarium DIY Kits

Terrariums are not just cute to look at, but are enjoyable to make. Need a zen moment? Grab this kit, take your time and adore the results. The Marimo DIY terrarium LED kit includes, 2 Marimo, a glass bowl and an LED light. Create a serene ocean scene for your coffee table.

Want a land terrarium like Princess Ariel? Skip the water and try the tabletop air plant terrarium DIY kit. Graceful design for home or office, show off your portable beach with the air plant that turns red when in bloom. Place on your work desk and enjoy the sandy vibes all day. Terrariums are great DIY gifts for friends and family. .

Kids DIY Kits

Kids wanna have fun too! Let their imagination run wild with all the DIY crafts we have to offer. The DIY butterfly wings can be personalized to any child’s favorite color. The kit includes cotton butterfly wings, straps, craft markers, glitter glue and instructions. Let their creativity take flight!

For the little genius in your life, the DIY wooden science kit will keep them busy creating a fun invention. Choose from working models like Da Vinci’s helicopter, an armored tank or a robotic arm. Not just fun to build, also fully operational. DIY crafts are great gifts for kids, teaching them how learning can be fun!

Food DIY Kits

Food kits are a yummy gift idea for the chef in your life or someone wanting to learn how to cook. The ravioli DIY kit comes with a ravioli stamp, Italian flour and more to make delicious raviolis. Get the whole family involved for a fun dinner night or use the kit for a romantic date night.

Got milk? Well, you’re going to need some for the deluxe DIY cheese kit. Try goat cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, paneer and queso blanco. The kit comes with everything you need to make edible cheese, just add milk. Each kit makes up to 30 batches of cheese. Not a fan of dairy? Try our DIY dairy free cheese kit.

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