Self-Care is a huge conversation this year and more than just a trend or fad. When you learn how to practice self-care, you learn how to live an emotionally and physically healthy life. When you know how to practice self-care, you know when to pull back and take the time to invest in yourself. At Apollo Box, we’re 100% team self-care. Over the following weeks we’re going to explore the different areas of self-care and teach you how to incorporate each area into your life.

How to Practice Self-Care With Exercise:

Your mind and body will thank you and benefit from any sort of physical activity. Incorporating an exercise routine into your daily life will burn off emotional stress and produce outward physical benefits such as weight-loss and muscle development. Whether your version of exercise is taking a 20 minute walk or hitting the gym for 1 hour, devoting time to any type of physical activity will nurture your mind and body.

How to Practice Self-Care Through Pampering Yourself:

While the meaning of “Treat Yo Self” isn’t the entire definition of self-care, it is a part of it. If taking a relaxing bath with a glass of wine relaxes you and helps center your thoughts, then go for it. Self-Care is made up of a mosaic of pieces and taking some time to lavish yourself is a major piece. Getting massages and a manicure will not solve all of your physical or emotional needs but these acts of self-kindness are needed.

How to Practice Self-Care By Being Creative:

Creativity is healing, inspiring and invigorating. Every person possesses a creative ability and needs to have a creative outlet. When we routinely practice creativity, we stir up an inner passion that flows out and positively affects other areas of our life such as work or our relationships. Practicing creativity fills a need of the soul and is a part of self-care that so many people overlook.

How to Practice Self-Care By Doing Good for Others:

Not many self-care articles cover this article, but it is an unarguable fact that when you do good to others, you feel good and are doing something good for yourself. Doing something for yourself that benefits yourself in a positive, healthy way is self-care. People who go out of their way to help others and be kind to others unknowingly show others how to practice self-care and naturally lead happy and healthy lives.

How to Practice Self-Care By Eating Food Your Body Needs:

Giving your body the nutrients and fuels it needs and craves is one of the major steps of self-care. Eating a hamburger or handful of chocolate every now and again isn’t “bad” and shouldn’t be frowned upon. But living on a diet of foods that don’t contain essential vitamins and nutrients is a disservice to your mind and body. Eating balanced meals will positively affect your mood, body, sleep and more.

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